One Leadership Tip: Day 5: Alone vs. Together

Day 5: Alone vs. Together

Last few days I’ve talked about Fartbook and how not all ideas are created equal and a story about “Shorty” and how important communication from the right people in your life is so important.

I have a small group of men that I have had open communication with inside a Voxer group. We all are in very similar places in life from the standpoint of age, family, path, etc… and are spread out in the U.S.

There have been times or seasons when we have communicated very consistently and others where it’s been very sparse and disconnected.

Most importantly than anything is it’s a group and place where we can be very real and open about what’s going on.

The Good, Bad, and probably most often than not the Ugly

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Do you have a group of people surrounding you that you can come to with the Good, Bad, and the Ugly?

A group where you can feel safe and not judged when you share what is going on.

Our group has shared some very real and vulnerable times in our lives that most of us wouldn’t at times even share with their closest friends.

It’s too easy to go through life slugging along, hanging onto the garbage. For whatever reason. Sometimes it’s because we are too proud. Other times it’s because we are too embarrassed. Maybe that we don’t want to burden others.

Whatever the reason it’s all a sham. It’s your ego getting in the way, of you being free.

Just today one of the members of the group mentioned that we set the ego and pride aside when we open up and talk. We set the shield and sword down to allow ourselves to be real and relatable.

I had just came into the group to share the tribulations or Shorty and is sparked energy in the group. It gave permission and opportunity for the rest of the group to step up and help out, as well as to share what has been going on in their lives after a long period of silence in the group.

Find your squad/team/group and do life together to raise the level of one another. Not with the intent to be perfect but with the mission to grow.

That’s all I’ve got today Big Shoots

Coach Nate