One Leadership Tip: Day 49: Timidity and Boldness

Day 49: Timidity and Boldness

Just got off the line with my good friend and mentor Jimi Dowds.

I always come out of these calls feeling energized and fresh.

Surround yourself with people that will pour into you and help you to feel energized and refreshed on a consistent basis, knowing there is a constant barrage of the opposite draining you and making you feel less than fresh.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Lesson with Jimi today was about timidity and boldness.

Championship Leaders lead with the power of boldness. There really is no room for timidity.

Boldness defined for me is listening to the spirit or your intuition and acting, promptly, it often looks the opposite of everyone around you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean loud or big unless that is what the moment calls for.
Some of the boldest carry themselves in such a way that is a calm and strong quietness. Just their presence and the way they carry themselves is bold.

We all have given in to timidity, and many of us have many experiences in our lives where we surrendered to timidity. Those moments most likely have hung with you and have dampened your willingness at times to lead with a power of boldness.

You have a glass ceiling to the level you are willing to lead with boldness due to all the times where you surrendered to timidity.

I’d challenge those that truly want to be Championship Leaders to sit down with pen and journal in hand and reflect back to moments where you covered up that light of boldness inside of you to write them down.

Then Id challenge you to take time over the next weeks or months and pray to God to allow yourself to forgive yourself in those moments, to give yourself strength and courage in the future when the spirit to be bold arises that you can act and be bold.

If you aren’t the praying type or not a believer then go back to those times of timidity in your mind and release them, know that they do not make you weak, they do not have to define you moving forward and start to make a declaration that moving forward you will be bolder all for the purpose of moving and impacting people.

That’s it for today Big Shoots!

Coach Nate