One Leadership Tip: Day 47: Championship Leadership

Day 47: Championship Leadership

Ever been through some tough times or had something in life completely blindside you or you and others close to you?
Dumb question… I get it.

If there is a guarantee in life it’s that those types of situations will come and at times come often.

I’ve of course had my fair share, and some I’ve handled proudly and there are times I can admit that I didn’t handle the situation as well.
I’ve been the recipient at times in situations where leaders around me really wilted and withered in the face of that adversity and completely dropped the ball in my humble and accurate opinion.
Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:
As a leader, you are ALWAYS in charge of how you respond. No one else and nothing that happens has the power to control how you respond.
Championship Leadership is all about responding in control with clear, steady, speedy if needed, and decisive action.

Lashing out, losing control, allowing emotion to take over, and blaming and pointing fingers or worse hiding and not confronting would be the opposite.
No one is perfect and the journey of Championship Leadership is one of purposefully working to improve and owning the mistakes and misteps along the way as quickly as possible.

That’s all I got for today Big Shoots!
Coach Nate