One Leadership Tip: Day 46: Focus on People

Day 46: Focus on People

I wrote about John Madden passing towards the end of the year and on New Year’s Eve another iconic legend Betty White left us just days before her 100th birthday.

As the circle of life continues to uphold its promise of there being a beginning and an end to our time on this earth, I tend to reflect a bit.

One of the questions that arises is, who will grab that torch and take the place of these individuals that made large impact and big imprints in our lives like both Coach Madden and Betty White?

There are also questions of how many really take the time to notice and if these icons pass and life is too crazy and busy for many to even notice what is the point to all of it?

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

Not sure I have any answers to the above if you are still with me this far into today’s message.


I’m not sure that it really matters.

As leaders, it’s great to take inspiration and to learn from others along the way iconic or not.

But most likely more important is to focus on the ones front and center in your life, on your team, in your organization and less important to concern ourselves with the purpose of life or how what you are doing today will lead to leaving some sort of legacy.

A legacy that most will be too busy to notice when you pass as they are consumed with the chaos of their lives at the time.

If we focus on the people in our lives as leaders and how we can serve them at the highest level each and every day, I firmly believe all the existential will take care of itself.

That’s all I have for today Big shoots!

Coach Nate