One Leadership Tip: Day 3: Keep Making Deposits

Day 3: Keep Making Deposits

Yesterday I shared a story about my daughter and some kid named “Shorty”.

Before I get too far here, let me catch you up if you missed it.

Basically, I talked about how parenting is hard, news flash I know, and technology as great as it also allows for it to be used in ways parents at times wish it wouldn’t.

Aka me asking if it’s too late to go back to rotary phones and pong.

For quite some time now I’ve used a dry erase marker to leave little notes and messages to my loved ones.

I often write the kiddos little love notes as well when I leave town for business.

This morning I just noticed two little messages from my oldest daughter. I was in Cancun for Business Coaching Mastery 6 with Karl Bryan and the crew all last week and we left super early in the morning.

So I didn’t see this little note until today.

Moral of the story

And your ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

Oftentimes when you think no one is paying attention or taking notice, more often than not they are.

When you begin to question the work you are putting in and the example that you are leading, just keep doing it.

Not everyone will respond in the way you think or would like.

Ala my daughter often does not verbally communicate with us. But that doesn’t mean that aren’t listening.

Keep making deposits to those around you every single day. And just know that they are taking note.