One Leadership Tip: Day 21: Congruency

Day 21: Congruency

Headline today: WHO: Omicron Variant Poses ‘Very High” Global Risk

Subtitle of same article headline: “But South African doctor says symptoms appear to be mild, can be treated at home”

Who knows today what to believe. 

One source has one message and another has the opposite.  No wonder the world can seem to be a shambles nowadays.

The environment of convenient messaging and browbeating is tiring.

If it fits my agenda of the hour then let’s run with it and spin it any way we’d like even and most times especially when I took the complete opposite stance months or just days ago because it also happened to fit my agenda at that time.

Which brings me to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

If your people don’t know who they are gonna get from day to day or even minute to minute you have already lost.

In the real world, not the pretend tv mainstream news media world, you people will expect you to show up as the person you’ve said you would be.

More importantly, if they have to try and guess what message or vision you are going to paint for the team today based on your feelings/emotions that day or based on whether your football team won the big game yesterday, they don’t be surprised when you

a.       Have a weak lackluster group of people on your team
b.       Have an extremely frustasted team that will leave at the first chance they get
c.       Continue to be stuck in the land or hoping and wishing for success to fall upon you, and in a place of vast mediocrity

Give your team certainty and inspiration through congruency of who you are as a leader day in and day out every single day and watch you vision come to reality with a group of people who continue to stick around.

That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate