One Leadership Tip: Day 2: Keep Communicating

Day 2: Keep Communicating

Checked my daughter’s phone the other day as we do from time to time to make sure that everything is on the up and up.

Saw a text thread from “Shorty” that may or may not have included a mirror pick of a said teenage boy to my daughter with his shirt off.

Is it too late to go back to the days of rotary phones and pong video games?

Asking for a friend.

For my friends that have already navigated the days of raising teenage daughters, I’m open to suggestions.


Keep up communication with those that matter most to you. Definitely with your team and employees.

Absolutely with your children and family, even if they pretend to like you aren’t in the room when you are talking with them.

Trust is crucial and built through constant communication. Trust is lost in a matter of seconds and definitely when communication lines are cut off.

It doesn’t solve all problems but it does allow you to know where all parties stand, allows you to navigate difficult times, and so much more.