One Leadership Tip: Day 19: Time is the Differentiator…

Day 19: Time is the Differentiator…

Today’s the big holiday…

Lots of Turducken, mashed tatters, and punkin pie.

Most importantly time to be with those you love.


For some time of high anxiety and stress being around those, they also happen to love (I’m of course not referring to any of my loved ones for those that may be reading).

Which brings me to a quick and short ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

Time is one of the greatest assets and gifts you can give to your people.

Showing an interest in them as people, breaking bread with them, having a willingness to do some of the things that you ask them to do.

Time spent investing in your people in my humble but accurate opinion is one of the fastest routes to creating and forging a Championship culture and team.

Enjoy the pie, forget about the carbs for a day, have the drink, and cut off the Uncle “Ted” one drink shy of the worst Thanksgiving ever;)

That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate