One Leadership Tip: Day 17: Insecure Equals Sinking Ship

Day 17: Insecure Equals Sinking Ship

I have an idea for you all looking for some social media traction and attention that you were neglected as a child.

Pick a lane and world view…

Wait for something to happen in the world that doesn’t line up with that world view.

Chalk it up to the world and system being against you and that anyone that doesn’t align with you and your lane and said world view are the most ridiculous and horrible people.

Don’t be open to any other world view and stick to it no matter how ridiculous it might be, and then double down on it and ride it all the way to the bottom.

If that isn’t working, just start cancelling people because they dare disagree.

Which brings me to my ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

An unsecure leader will force their view and agenda on the team to the point of destruction all because they don’t have the courage to not have all the answers.

They believe that it is some kind of form of weakness.  They will not be open to the incredible team of people that is around them for feedback and perspective.

They won’t hire others that are stronger than them for fear of being past up.

And a laundry list of other things that will ultimately sink their ship.  They are willing to trade in short and temporary wins at the expense of the greater good.

A secure leader aka a Championship Leader will welcome strong leaders with different perspectives and view points because he knows he does not and should not have all the answers.

He knows that the success of the team is dependent on the diversity of the whole and not the strength of the sole. 

We should be looking to the most successful businesses and organizations that have strong secure leaders that empower and welcome difference to be our guiding light in our society.

Aka the ones that are bringing people together and having success over a long period of time, but that would be just silly because then we wouldn’t be able to be right 100% of the time.

That’s all for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate