One Leadership Tip: Day 154: Empathy & Boundaries in Entrepreneurship

Empathy & Boundaries in Entrepreneurship: Insights from HarperDB CEO Stephen Goldberg | Nate Bailey

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we are thrilled to have Stephen Goldberg, the CEO of HarperDB – a company that developed a platform that makes scaling applications easy while simultaneously providing orders of magnitude faster performance, lower global latency, and greater cost-efficiency.


Day 154: Empathy & Boundaries in Entrepreneurship

Leadership requires a delicate balance of empathy and boundaries. While it’s essential for leaders to have a strong sense of empathy to create a supportive and positive environment, they must also establish limits on the amount of time and energy they provide to others. Empathic people may find it challenging to prioritize their own needs, resulting in burnout and exhaustion.

Therefore, it’s crucial for leaders to take care of themselves and set healthy boundaries to prevent burnout. By doing so, they can be more effective and supportive leaders, and they can also serve as a positive example for others to follow. Remember, empathy is a valuable trait, but it’s equally essential to ensure that your own needs are being met.

Coach Nate