One Leadership Tip: Day 15: Doing What You Love

Day 15: Doing What You Love

All the hype these days is focused around doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Although that may be true, how many are really doing what it is that they love and crushing it financially in their lives all the while being happy.  Not to mention when we do something that we love, even that can begin to be something that we despise over time.

But it’s not all about money Nate….


Kids are bored easily these days, and constantly want to be entertained and are looking for the new thing to excite them until it isn’t and they are quickly again looking for the next thing to do.

Players in the NFL love to play football until they can’t anymore.  Then what?

BTW I’ve never met a player that quit playing because they weren’t good enough and almost 100% of the time because they were forced out from an “injury”.

The average career length of an NFL player is 3.3 years and that average is highly swayed because of players like Brady who has played for 30 years:)

Which brings you to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

Instead of constantly complaining about where you are at and not LOVING what you do today, how about focus on learning to love what it is that you do.

Switch the focus from you and turn it to the people that you are serving where you are at.

Leaders do all kinds of things that they don’t love but do it because it is required

Leaders do it because they’ve taken the focus from themselves and placed it on others.

If you can learn to love what you do, instead of constantly complaining because you are doing what you love – over a long enough period of time to a level that you become incredibly great at it.

With an ultimate focus on helping others.

Wait for it…

You will eventually be able to purse that thing that you “love” because of the fruits you created loving what you do.

That’s all for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate