One Leadership Tip: Day 14: Time and Commitment is Required

Day 14: Time and Commitment is Required

They say that our attention spans have reduced down to that of a golden doodle that you are trying to make sit as a squirrel runs in between you…

As the parent of 3 under the age of 13 I can absolutely confirm…

I mean remember when we had to actually watch commercials, or race to the bathroom during the break to see if you could make it back in time before your favorite episode of Night Court came back on?

Remember when you had to call your buddy down the street on the home phone and hope he was there, then wait 10 minutes as his Sister ran outside and screamed his name to get him to come inside to talk, before answering machines as they were called for millennials reading this before the invent of voicemail boxes

Or how about actually having to wait for the neighboring rival town theatre to get the hit movie so that you could go and steal their girlfriends and finally watch the movie

With all that said….

Brings us to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:

You can get lucky and make it, but you cant get lucky and keep it

I heard this recently and the context was around money, but the same holds true in leadership

You may get a break and make it, or get the dream assignment or position, or come into an incredible culture that is already in place


To keep it requires you to be consistent, to pour into way more than you take out

It requires patience and commitment over the long haul to a vision that is bigger than any one individual

It takes calling the girl with the rotary phone that’s mounted to the wall inbetween the kitchen and the living room, where both your parents, your siblings and the family dog sit there and can here every word of your conversation while you keep calling all day, hoping she will answer, and then having the courage to not hang up when she does, and even bigger brass to say hello and ask her out while your family mocks and laughs at you while you do so

That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate