One Leadership Tip: Day 134: Constant Repetition Creates Conviction

Constant Repetition Creates Conviction

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Day 134: Constant Repetition Creates Conviction

When we were kids, our parents would either use negative or positive affirmations to mold us into what they wanted us to be, unintentionally creating beliefs that would later affect our adult years. If people around you keep telling you repeatedly that you are not good enough to succeed, then over the years that opinion will become your belief and will manifest in your life. Surprisingly, this kind of mind conditioning is backed by Science. The more we are exposed to those thoughts the stronger our brain’s capacity to make the neutral pathway according to our experiences. If you are on a journey to transform your life, it is best to know your positive attributes and focus on it. Drown the opinions of unhelpful critics. Always tell yourself that you can do anything. Fight the resistance. Break the cycle of negative thoughts.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about the power of conviction in our life. 

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“When you show up, you have a higher level of conviction than the opposing team and the likelihood that you are going to win.” 

“The one that is most convicted wins.”

Coach Nate