One Leadership Tip: Day 133: Time Stops For No One

Time Stops For No One

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Day 133: Time Stops For No One

Nowadays finding time to spend with the family seems to be a struggle. With the fast paced environment, busy schedules and cutting edge way of life, we often overlook the basic yet most important thing to do – spending quality time with loved ones.

According to study, there is an increased number of families spending less and less time together, and that is more likely responsible for why many teenagers are engaging in unacceptable activities. Kids who spend time with their parents develop a sense of worth, strong emotional ties and are less likely to be involved in risky behaviors.

As parents, we must be able to provide quality time with our kids, have fun, learn from each other and make the most of it.

Remember as the saying goes: “You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.”

Join Coach Nate as he shares his experience in spending quality time with his kids. Tune in now!


“Kids grow up, time goes by and sometimes there is a reflection and a little bit of regret and wishing that this time gets back here.”

“No one goes through life perfectly and lives every moment the way they wish they would have.”

“Are you taking advantage of the time with the people who matter the most to you?”

Coach Nate