One Leadership Tip: Day 130: Shortcuts Lead to a Longer Path

Shortcuts Lead to A Longer Path

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Day 130: Shortcuts Lead to a Longer Path

Latest innovations make us live in a world of comfort and instant gratification. From a simple cord telephone to the latest Iphone that has everything in it, we cannot ignore how technology has developed throughout the years. Over the time, we have seen big companies compete who can come up with the latest and trendiest technology that would supply the needs of the customers, and this however is the start of “shortcut culture”. As people normalized the “everything instant” mentality, we compromise the valuable thing that matters most- the quality.By neglecting the time and prioritizing speediness, we cannot expect superior quality from our work because one way or another it will backfire.

Remember: Great things take time. 

Join Coach Nate as he talks about the process of putting time into work.

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Dedicate yourself to the process to commit to putting out something of high value that is a worthy journey and a finished product.” 

“When we take shortcuts oftentimes we have to do things over again because we rushed the process and we did not do it right the first time.” 

“The measurement of a great work is something that can last the test of time.”

Coach Nate