One Leadership Tip: Day 13: Don’t Take Yourself So Serious

Day 13: Don’t Take Yourself So Serious

Yesterday I tried to get serious and the algorithms were not having it…well played Zuck
It could be worse I guess
I could be getting photobombed by a billboard while trying to take a sexy seductive selfie on the beach like this gal
Side note if you ever caught me taking a selfie by myself on the beach, please slap me
Which brings us to the ONE LEADERSHIP TIP for today:
I talked about yesterday having the ability to discern in the moment the energy and style of leadership that that particular moment requires
Based on the environment, the culture, the relationships, and people in the room, the current performance or lack of, etc.
However, no one enjoys being led by a stiff neck that walks around like they are squeezing a pencil between their cheeks that never has fun
I want to be led and in an environment that wins, but also is able to have fun along the way
Life is too short for anything less
So don’t be afraid to come out of character from time to time as a leader and let people see a different side of you
That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate