One Leadership Tip: Day 127: Power of Contribution

Power of Contribution

What are you doing to contribute to your society? Many well-known businessmen and celebrities are involved in philanthropy work for the betterment of disadvantaged individuals, and their selfless actions that benefit millions of lives made us realize how the power of contribution impacts society as a whole.


Day 127: Power of Contribution

Do you find yourself frequently making plans but having difficulties sticking to it?

I guess we all are. Many of us have been down the same road; we are good at creating plans but at the same time are good at always finding ways not to follow through. Inadequate time? Demotivated? Setbacks? These are some of the few factors that stop us from attaining what we have planned and probably the reason why we are stuck on the same cycle. The journey to achieving a goal is not always smooth and easy, most of the time you run into little bumps and that is normal. Never take your eyes from the bigger picture because in the end it is all worth it.

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“The number of the scale does not tell the whole story.”

“I continue to stay focused and to knock it up.”

Coach Nate