One Leadership Tip: Day 124: Power of Contribution

Power of Contribution

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Day 124: Power of Contribution

What are you doing to contribute to your society?

Many well-known businessmen and celebrities are involved in philanthropy works for the betterment of disadvantaged individuals, and with their selfless actions that benefit millions of lives it made us realize how the power of contribution impacts the society as a whole.

As regular people, we have this mistaken belief that only those who have earned their life to the top and are way wealthier than us are capable of making a change in the world. Perhaps it is our way of thinking that stops us from carrying out our purpose of giving back to our community. Unconsciously we feel that our small acts would not make such an effect which honestly is untrue. The fact is, one does not have to be in power, famous or rich to commit to helping the society but a person’s intense desire to fulfill his heroic deeds be it small or big that matters most.

Remember: Little act of kindness can go a long way.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about the power of contribution to society and our responsibilities as leaders to guide our people in the importance of life’s purpose.


“Great leaders will make you feel like you really matter and make a significant contribution to a greater purpose or cause.”

“When we complain, sit, sulk and talk about how hard times are we are doing nothing to contribute a solution to the problem.”

“The more we contribute, the more we feel the full purpose of our lives.”

Coach Nate