One Leadership Tip: Day 118: They Are ALWAYS Watching

They Are ALWAYS Watching

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Day 118: They Are ALWAYS Watching

As parents, what behaviors are you modeling to your children?

Many studies have shown that people imitate what they see with other people and in most cases it is frequently observed in children who are more inexperienced in life.

According to social learning theory, kids acquire habits as much as adults do through watching others around them. As children grow up watching adults, especially with their parents, they pick up and apply how they cope up with stress, how they treat others, how they behave in a certain way and their interaction with other people.

Put simply, children have their way of seeing the world according to their experience and eventually think that their learned behavior is typical among other households.

And as parents, it is of utmost importance to strive to model the words that we preach and the behavior that we want our kids to follow.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about his experience of sharing his professional world to his kids the first time.


“Hopefully, what I was saying on that stage is lining up with what it is that I do on a daily basis, and what I was sharing with them from the stage.”

“Do what you are saying, telling, teaching, and preaching to your kids and to others and make sure it is lining up with the actions that you’re putting out into the world.”

Coach Nate