One Leadership Tip: Day 107: Don’t TALK About It…Be ABOUT It!

Don’t TALK About It…Be ABOUT It!

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Day 107: Don’t TALK About It…Be ABOUT It!

“I will join a fitness program to get fit and start a healthy lifestyle.”
“I will invest in myself through personal development.”
“I will start my own business.”
“I will cut back on my spending and save money.”
“I will look for a better job.”
“I will take up a new hobby.”
“I will spend more time with my family and friends.”
Sounds familiar?
Every year people tend to make commitments with a promise of becoming a better person by making a list of New Year resolutions. We think, we plan, and are always eager to talk about it, but more frequently we fail to execute and follow through with it.
Human beings have been dealing with procrastination for years that even the prominent individuals such as French poet and novelist Victor Hugo, great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, genius artist Leonardo Da Vinci and even the famous Dalai Lama are not spared from this century-old problem. Apparently this whole ordeal mostly lays on our lack of self-control and motivation.
There is a struggle in keeping up with the motivation. But what exempts the greatest and successful people is their ability to be clear with their chosen goals, understanding it and envisioning themselves what their life would be in the time to come.
So do you have what it takes to make your words into actions and make your dream into a reality?
Join Coach Nate as he talks about the importance of consistency and following through your goals.
Tune in!
Majority of the time people will sit and get excited and tell people what they are going to do and talk about it and realize that they bit off more than they could chew.”
“Let us do less talk and let us be more about it.”
“There is huge power in showing people through example.”
Coach Nate