One Leadership Tip: Day 106: MAYBE


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Day 106: MAYBE

Have you seen the movie Forrest Gump? Wherein the main character Forrest uttered the famous phrase “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.”
In our life, we had a fair share of best and worst moments. Oftentimes these experiences made us who we are today and carved us into a person that enables us to see things in different perspectives. Every now and then we encounter problems that come in different forms, unbeknownst to us that these misfortunes may turn into blessings and somehow a diversion to a better path.
Life is not perfect, if things do not go our way we do not shy away from its imperfection, rather we embrace its impact and choose to focus on the good that will come out of it. Because life undoubtedly is full of surprises; we will never know what will happen next.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about viewing the world in different perspectives and how to come to terms with it.

“There are not necessarily good or bad things that happen to us, it all really kind of depends on your perspective, depends on how you look at things.”
“There is a gift in everything and it does not mean that everything is easy, it does not mean that because there is a gift does not mean that I still prefer not have to go through it.”
“Remind yourself that with the highs comes with the lows.”
“We will never know the impact or the results or the good that will come out of the bad that oftentimes will come through the good.”
Coach Nate