One Leadership Tip: Day 105: Living With INTENTION…

Living With INTENTION…

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Day 105: Living With INTENTION…

Where is it that you are being intentional?
In today’s highly advanced tech era where cutting edge technology is created for the very purpose of making our lives easier, and learning more information through the internet, there is no denying  that it is relatively easy for us to get distracted. From different online entertainment platforms to social media, we are exposed to overwhelming news and information that sometimes takes away our limited time to focus more on what is essential.
Regardless of how an individual decides to live  their life, be it simple or extravagant, needless to say it is important that one should choose to engage in activities that provide the outcome, fulfillment and genuine satisfaction that you truly desire.
Do more than just live.Focus.Plan.
Live out your Purpose. Live BIG. Live with Intention
Join Coach Nate as he talks about the importance of choosing to live life with intention and impart his ideas on how to follow through.
Tune in!
“Live with intention inside your life because if you don’t, no one will do it for you.”
“A lot of who we are today as adults are a direct result of the identity that we created as a very young person and oftentimes it is subconscious.”
“Identify those things that you want to make and get after it and consume the information quickly but do not get into this place of just consuming information.”
“Take imperfect action intentionally on a daily basis and you will continue to get better but you will also continue to start to make big strides through daily consistent action.”
Coach Nate