One Leadership Tip: Day 103: Is Your MINDSET “Recession Proof”…

Is Your MINDSET “Recession Proof”…

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Day 103: Is Your MINDSET “Recession Proof”…

With the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the magnitude of this event will most likely result in high inflation and subdued growth therefore recession is inevitable. Even developing countries are not spared from this economic slowdown and are also and still struggling to recover from the global financial crisis with the aftermath of pandemic. With no indication of an early end to the war in Ukraine, major recession around the world will persist longer.
Amidst these overwhelming problems we are facing right now, the big question is: “Is your mindset recession proof?”
Join Coach Nate as he talks about the right mindset in navigating the financial crisis and how to adapt with ongoing economic outgrowth.
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“No matter what the climate, no matter what the market is telling us, we have this mindset that we are going to be fine and I am going to get through this.”
“You can be wishful and intentional as you would like, but you are not going to move and get yourself off every single day if the mindset is not there
“Mindset is like a muscle, if you do not work out in the gym our muscles start to deteriorate and atrophy much like with our mindset.”
Coach Nate