One Leadership Tip: Day 101: Do You Worry?


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Day 101: Do You Worry?

What is it that you are spending time worrying about and what is in your control that you can do right now today to alleviate that worry?
With the recent pandemic that deliberately took a heavy toll on our society, it is hard to ignore the impact it created- more worries and increased anxieties.
All of us get worried from time to time and it is a normal part of our life.
Worrying is our body’s defense mechanism to be emotionally prepared for whatever outcome it may produce. Whether the issue is about our financial security, health, personal relationship, and global concerns, these factors help us to manage and discover solutions to actual and current problems but oftentimes these too pushed us to imagine the worst case scenarios of “WHAT IFS”.
WHAT IF I get fired?
WHAT IF I have unmanageable disease?
WHAT IF I go bankrupt?
WHAT IF my business will not profit?
WHAT IF I fail the exam?
And the lists go on and on…
In these uncertain times, the WHAT IFS of worries are endless but seeing the opportunity to grow beyond the difficulties of life and overcoming hardships regardless of ever present and real problems that creates worries is truly awe- inspiring.
“Worry is really nothing more than a pain in our life that oftentimes we self-create, because worry is focused on something that has not happened yet that 99.9% of the time will never happen.”
“The story that you created that you believe to be true that is not necessarily true, is it the one that is serving you at the highest level?”
“We can choose to look at the tough times as an opportunity for us to grow and to continue to move forward and have some resistance to push through because if it is easy everybody would be doing it. Oftentimes if it is easy, the sense of accomplishment is low.”
Coach Nate