One Leadership Tip: Day 10: What You Missed

Day 10: What You Missed

I kind of figured you’ve had enough of me talking about my 6th grade chaperone journey this past week, if not feel free to revisit the past four days worth of messages.

I’ve had some clients taking some massive action lately and…


Massive results have been the outcome.

For most we hope wish and dream for the day that we get the massive results.

Then have no plan once we get them, which often times results in us falling back to that place that they know most comfortably.

Id let you guess where that might be, but instead Ill give you a hint.

It revolves around that same place they were at before they got said results.

Which brings me to you ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

Massive results without a backed up plan for when you get there and even more importantly maybe is having the belief in yourself that you can even accomplish massive results to begin with, will always end up with you back to the land of NO results in a short period of time.

As a good friend and mentor often says, it’s easy to create 7 figures, but the magic sauce is in the ability to be able to repeat it and keep it.

That if you don’t know where you are going…any road will get you there.

So what are you doing to create the belief and habits on your journey to the land of results, so that once you reach those results, you have the ability to keep them and repeat them.

That’s it for today Big Shoots

Coach Nate