One Leadership Tip: Day 1: Small Steps

Day 1: Small Steps

Incredible trip to Cancun last week for an event called Business Coaching Mastery 6.

Met many new incredible people all operating at a high level.

Making a significant impact and many doing and in a place where I want to be.

Karl Bryan is the founder of this company and I think there may be a beautiful bromance emerging between us two because I choose to show up.

I had decided to sign up for this in early Jan of 2021.  There were many opportunities and reasons/excuses to not show up.

Then about a week before Karl, noticed I was coming and asked if I’d like to speak.  

BOOM…now all of a sudden I had a speaking opportunity.

The point is I just keep showing up, I just keep taking small steps, Every. Single. Day.

That’s your ONE LEADERSHIP TIP today:

Keep showing up and taking small steps.  I see it in my clients ALL the time.  There is a call, there is a mastermind, there is a place of doing and feeling pretty good, etc…

So they stop taking the small steps because they have reasons not to.  They have justifications to not do the next thing that may just open the DOOR they’ve been hoping – wishing – dreaming to open.

Had I not shown up and kept taking the small steps

I would have missed out on the Bromance with Karl Bryan.

I would have missed the President of the NFL Alumni that may very well turn into a group of NFL alum going through my CL24.

I would have missed the incredible content and opportunity to network with highly successful Business Coaches.

I would have missed the opportunity to step on stage and leave an impact, share my story, and get just a little bit better as a speaker.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

What are the small steps today that you can take to keep moving your life forward?