One Leadership Tip: Day 85: A lot of People are Heard. Few are FELT

A lot of People are Heard. Few are FELT

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Day 85: A lot of People are Heard. Few are FELT

People are naturally born emotional beings. We connect with others mostly through our emotions, in a way we remember people who would make us feel important, who would make us feel valued and cared for.

But not everyone is given the privilege to feel valued, not everyone is gifted to be noticed. But in our own simple ways, we can take time to create a difference and leave a lasting impact to someone we know who does not have that power or privilege to be heard and felt.

Join Coach Nate as he digs into one of the keys of championship leadership – creating the experience, and explore the lasting effect of social media on our new generation of leaders.

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“We remember the people that are close to you that left a lasting impact, it is more so of how they made you feel, how they treated you, how you felt in their presence that it is anything that they ever said or done with you.”
“When we are being selfless leaders, servant leaders, we shift and focus on creating value into the world and others.”

“When I make someone feel really good and powerful in a deep way, in turn, it makes me feel good that I make a difference, it fills me with fire and sense of purpose and fulfillment.”

Coach Nate