Omari Broussard and Andrew O’Brien: How To Take Control Of Your Life As A True Leader

  • A championship leader meets certain standards of excellence that everyone can raise themselves towards. A championship leader also leads in a positive way; they don’t do it just for the money.
  • Learn to separate your professional life from your personal life; that is a skill that many people should learn.
  • Being a good servant, protecting those you lead, and helping to lift your team up to be better than they are.
  • Empathy is something that people fail to share too often; speak in a way to let your team know that they are not alone.
    • The more often we hide struggles the more depressed and anxious everyone will feel.
  • The biggest damaging tool that exists in business today is ego.
  • To be a good leader you need to be a good follower, that way you can understand the people you lead.
  • You cannot build something big without a following.
    • If you start with building a follower, the empire will follow.
  • If you’re a championship leader you need to be consistent.
    • If you can’t consistently generate revenue, when the market turns you’re done. Otherwise, if you can be consistent, you’ll be able to get new talent and continue to grow.
  • The hardest people to get to take action are the people who already have a following.
    • All you really need is 1000 true fans to build an empire.
  • When you’re a leader, you can see when you’re screwing everything up, and you can start over.
  • There is no such thing as permanent; enjoy the great times in your life.
    • When moments are really good, just be in those moments. Live in it and enjoy it.
  • Words are powerful, be careful how you use them.

Important Quotes:

“Leaders eat last.”

“Be proud in what you’ve accomplished.”

“Confidence is key.”

“You can’t make a great leader until you can make a great follower.”

“There is a difference between a champion and a title-holder.”

“What’s got you here will not get you there.”

“When someone says seven figures, that does not mean they’re a millionaire.”

“Family is everything.”

“There is no such thing as permanent.”

“Words can move mountains.”

More On Omari Broussard:

Omari Broussard is a Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur based in Cedar Park, TX. He is the co-founder of Leveraged Influence.

Since his retirement from the Navy in 2015, Omari has become a published author, serial entrepreneur, and investor.

More on Andrew O’Brien

Andrew O’Brien is the Co-Founder of Leveraged Influence. The father of 3 had a rough start to life where he experienced prostitution, war, suicide and murder all by 23. He wanted to show the world how to overcome their own challenges and realized media was the way to do it. After getting on his first media outlet it skyrocketed his 3 year speaking career. 75 Global media interviews later, Andrew began teaching others how to impact the world and put themselves in a leadership position leveraging Publicity.


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