Nicole Walker: Ditch Your Ego And Try Something New

  • Leadership isn’t as much about instructing others on what to do, it’s about learning what your team needs
  • Being a championship leader is all about staying ahead of the curve.
  • Even if you are in a successful corporate job, you may not feel fulfilled.
    • Ask yourself what might be missing for you to be feeling that way.
  • When you keep learning you’ll be wiser; you can always learn more.
  • You stop growing when you stop learning.
  • Embrace what you want.
  • All your decisions will lead you to where you want to go.
  • Having balance between all elements of your life is key.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new and see how the experience goes.

Important Quotes:

“Always be two steps ahead.”

“I was in the corporate job, but I felt suffocated.”

“You need to continue to want to learn.”

“What lesson did you get from that?”

“I could help others achieve their goals too.”

“Ditch that ego.”

More On Nicole Walker:

Nicole Walker is a Data Monetization Specialist & Marketing Consultant who helps Business Owners & Entrepreneurs easily get in front of their ideal client. Before becoming VP of Data Strategy with Close More Deals & Partner at Create Impact Marketing, Nicole worked 16 years in the Home Mortgage & Real Estate Industry helping people enjoy homeownership.
In an effort to grow Nicole’s Mortgage Business she learned Digital Marketing and discovered helping others grow their business with marketing was her greater passion.
Nicole enjoys staying active with various physical activities (running, weight training, boxing…you name it she’s tried it) and a steady stream of Starbucks! Nicole’s available for developing data strategy and marketing consulting. You can reach Nicole at or via Social Media.


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