Nicole Espinosa: Do More Than Just Collect A Paycheck

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Nicole Espinosa shares her journey going against the standards set out for her and achieving her success as a leader.

[2:51] What comes to mind for Nicole when she hears championship leadership?

[10:39] Where she was then, and where she is now.

[12:51] When Nicole stepped away from her team, did everything fall apart?

[18:00] What are some of the most important characteristics of championship leaders?

[25:28] Where did Nicole go left when everyone else was going right?

[30:34] What you need to know on your path to becoming a championship leader.

Important Quotes:

“The elite of the industry.”

“What’s gotten me here is just consistency.”

“I learned to stay in my own lane.”

“I had to get over myself.”

“People underestimate the importance of culture.”

“If you want to be a good leader, you need to be down in the trenches.”

“Never just collect a paycheck.”

“What do you want, and why does it matter.”

More On Nicole Espinosa:

Nicole Espinosa, author of “Short Sales Uncensored” and owner of The Short Sale Queen. Nicole and her team process over 100 Listings a month.

While others steer away from these difficult transactions, Nicole has made a name for herself as “ The Short Sale Queen”.

Her company has recently launched nationwide allowing them to process short sales in any market.

Nicole has been featured on several real estate panels, podcasts and tv shows, sharing her knowledge and educating the real estate community. When Nicole isn’t working she is spending time with her 2 adorable children Elias and Emma.


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