Nate Bailey: NEVER Get Too HIGH, NEVER Get Too LOW

As human beings, it is easy to feel high when we think that we are on top of everything – thriving careers, blooming businesses, smooth relationships, and everything is going according to plan. But there are also times that we easily feel too low when the results did not meet our expectations, leaving us discouraged and frightened of our future possibilities.

According to research, our body produces hormones such as dopamine that make us feel good every time we have success, it is our brain’s reward system. On the other hand, happy hormones may go downhill when we are disappointed with the outcomes of our efforts. Basically, it is perfectly normal for people to feel such emotions as it is associated with our whole being.

As a leader, the biggest challenge in every scenario is how to stay unshaken and composed no matter what the end result is. When things are going great or downhill, an effective leader projects calmness, and in that way people around him will manifest that same level of reaction.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about how to develop an even keel mindset.

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Important Quotes:

 “Do not get too high or too low based on results.”

  “If there is a bigger goal and you have not reached or accomplished that you have to stay on an even keel.”

 “It is easy to lead when things are going perfectly well and when things are falling apart, who are you going to show up as a leader?”

About our Host:

Nate is a former leader in the army, a successful real estate investor, the host of the Championship Leaders podcast, and the author of the book, The 100 Mile Mindset.

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