Nate Bailey: How to Lead in Tough Times

Times have recently gotten tougher than ever, with the rising worldwide pandemic and the surging of one crisis to another it has never been more important to have a leader that you count on, ready to show up and know how to navigate his people through the difficult times. When things are easy and everything goes according to plan, being a leader seems like a piece of cake but when times become challenging that is when the true leader’s strength of character is tested.

A great leader knows that leadership goes beyond the title; rather it is a responsibility and the boldness to step up and rise above the challenge.

Anybody can be a leader but it takes a difficult circumstance to define and mold one true great leader.

Join Coach Nate as he talks about leading through tough times. Tune in now

Important Quotes:

“You are exactly who those around you expect you to be, because of who you have been in the past.”

“Every parent says that their kids have it way easier than they did, and there’s probably a ton of truth to that. There’s probably not as much truth to it as maybe we think.”

“Become that consistent championship leader that people can count on and know who they’re going to get every single day, no matter what.”

About our Host:

Nate is a former leader in the army, a successful real estate investor, the host of the Championship Leaders podcast, and the author of the book, The 100 Mile Mindset.

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