Morgan Taylor: Take the Leap

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we interview Morgan Taylor, a Co-founder of Jolly SEO, a Search Engine Optimization Marketing Agency that does backlinks building for websites that helps increase organic ranking and find an audience, all the while posing your expertise to various audiences on established publications.

Morgan worked as a bartender 6 years ago and did a writing gig as a side hustle. But due to Covid Pandemic, he was forced to make a hard decision. Notwithstanding some doubts and uncertainties, Morgan took a leap of faith and decided to go all in the writing business.

Today, Morgan Taylor owns two businesses and is now developing a marketing app called Link Sourcery/Pitch Response that will surely provide help to businesses to thrive through website links. These and more!

Know more about Morgan Taylor and watch this episode!!

In This Episode:

[0:39] What does Championship Leadership mean to Morgan?

[1:08] Who is Morgan Taylor, and what brought him to where he is today?

[5:11] Leaders that have influenced him.

[7:28] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[9:06] A turning point in his life.

[15:40] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Championship leadership is about what really resonates with how we developed our team in house and being a leader for your team.”

“I think taking action on it is the key, right? Because you know great ideas. But  getting down to it and making it happen is the tough part.”

“Look at what you’re doing for your business, the task that you’re doing, and try to break it down.”

 “Get yourself out there. Develop the brand. That’s where you can really make a big impact.”

About The Guest:

Morgan Taylor

WHAT I DO: Jolly specializes in getting high DR (60+) backlinks from publications like Business Insider, Ask Men, Forbes, Mic, and HuffPost through earned media opportunities (expert mentions). With over 1,000 backlinks generated for our clients, and only billing once a link is live, we help you increase your organic rankings while presenting your expertise to a diverse audience on recognized publications. By focusing on quality and providing value, we avoid spammy tactics that will see your site punished in the following algorithm change.

HOW I DO IT: Taking time to understand your needs and goals, we ghostwrite contributions & mentions that position you as a thought leader in recognized publications. The result is high-quality do-follow backlinks that boost your rankings and frame you as an industry expert.

WHO I WORK WITH: We specialize in working with businesses–from e-commerce to SaaS, including Nextiva and EuNatural–who want to boost their online presence while cementing their position as a thought leaders in their industry.

“Awesome site for us. You Guys are rock stars. Keep ‘em coming!” – Chane Steiner, CEO @ Crediful

“Looking forward to seeing more awesome links this month. 🙂 ” Eddie Johnson, CEO

MY BACKGROUND: Having worked in marketing with a focus on SEO since 2016, I co-founded Jolly to focus on providing quality, engaging content that generates high DR backlinks with a proven strategy that
doesn’t try and game Google’s algorithms and stands the test of time.




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