Mitch Miller: The Miller Method

In this episode of Championship Leadership we have an interesting conversation with Mitch Miller, an Entrepreneur, Copywriter and Marketing Strategist. He will share his incredible journey from being a timid, low self-esteem kid to becoming one of the successful rock stars in the copywriting world.

Mitch Miller will also share his stance on the latest technology in the Artificial Intelligence world (CHATGPT) and the impact it may have on the copywriting community. These and more!!

Watch this episode and know more about Mitch Miller!!

In This Episode:

[40:00] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

Important Quotes:

“The thing is, a lot of people are trying to be known as a guru or an expert in their thing without actually having to become an expert in their thing and have some fucking mastery. But you got to do that first or at least along the way.”

“It doesn’t matter what you know. It’s what you don’t know unless you can do it.”

“As soon as you get up on some shoulders, you have to start finding your own way in your own way of doing things, and paradoxically, your own way of doing things is almost going against the grain many times.”

“People spend so much time trying to come up with titles for themselves. Fuck your titles. Just let your skills speak for it and just give value.”

“I want to be known as somebody who really knows their shit and marketing strategy.”

“It’s not about your fucking skill as a copywriter and keeping up with AI. It’s about your ability to position yourself and brand yourself as somebody who can cut through that clutter, and through that noise.”

About The Guest:


Some say he’s mean and harsh but you would be too
if you grew up poor, cold, and ugly. In Canada.

Here’s proof.
Due to unusually low self esteem,
Mitch made friends with misfits in school,
and failed most of his classes.

But he could play the guitar.

That was the end of school.
He decided to play in rock bands instead getting a diploma.




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