Michele Molitor: Rapid Rewire

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Michele Molitor talks about her love for coaching, passion and purpose, customized transformation recording, and rapid rewiring program, helping others overcome fear and so much more.

In This Episode:

[1:45] What does championship leadership mean to Michele?
[2:37] Who is Michele Molitor and what brought her to where she is today?
[10:32] Leaders that have influenced her.
[12:57] Her vision, future plans, and the impact she wants to make.
[19:56] A turning point inside of her life.
[22:55] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“Once you eliminated a fear in your body there’s more room for growth.”

“Rewire your brain, think new thoughts and your life will follow.”

About The Guest:

Michele is the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting Inc., and co-author of the best-selling book “Breakthrough Healing”. She works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing more than 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to their success. She is an expert at enhancing the capacity of leaders, to build high performing teams and exponentially increase bottom-line results.

Michele’s unique Rapid Rewiring approach is a culmination of years of study in the realms of emotional intelligence, neuroscience, organizational psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapy. She helps catalyze shifts in thinking and eliminate mental and emotional blocks to rapidly rewire your brain for greater confidence and success.

A nationally recognized speaker, certified executive coach, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner, consultant, trainer, and writer, Michele’s passion for helping others amplify their natural talents and expand their leadership is conveyed through all aspects of her work and writing.



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