Michael Reese: Measure Twice, Cut Once

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Michael Reese shares his journey into truly becoming a championship leader.

In This Episode:

[2:44] What comes to mind for Michael when he thinks of championship leadership?

[4:43] How did Michael get to the place he is today as a championship leader?

[12:54] Who are some leaders that have impacted Michael.

[22:12] Wisdom from Michael.

Important Quotes:

“Everyone wants to be an Olympian, but no one wants to train like one.”

“A champion understands the power of choice.”

“First who, then what.”

“You gotta keep score.”

“Measure twice cut once.”

More On Michael:

Michael has worked with the living legends of online and offline marketing as well as some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world.

He has travelled extensively creating assets and building funnels that made him part of the fabric of the online marketing community.

Years writing copy, speaking, and engineering campaigns for SAAS, authors, professional service providers, and marketers make him a knowledgeable strategist, known for getting results and solving problems – from start to finish. Sales, Marketing, Money – that’s Michael’s passion and his business.


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