Michael Oz Puhle: Decide And Do What Makes You Feel Fulfilled

  • There are two thoughts on championship leadership:
    • The idea of being a leader in a championship scenario.
    • Being a championship leader.
  • You can learn as much by following example as you would by being taught.
  • There is a lot more to being a great leader than having done it before.
  • There is a lot of talent in the world, but not nearly enough people are willing to use that talent.
  • You need to stop talking about it and just do it.
  • There are moments when you’ll just have to make a decision and go. The only wrong decision is not doing it at all.
  • Just because someone has been labeled the captain or manager doesn’t mean they’re the leader of the team.
  • Michael is aiming to inspire people to be more ambitious.
  • Many times leaders don’t know they’re leaders; they act on their behaviors, but they don’t stand up and say they’re the leaders.
  • You have to be out there and you have to live what you teach.
  • Sometimes you can’t do what you said you would do, so own up to it.
    • You don’t need to explain, just make it right.

Important Quotes:

“You know a strong leader when you see one.”

“Only say what’s needed to be said.”

“Just because society says you should do it does not mean that you’ll be fulfilled.”

“When everyone else is going left, be willing to go right.”

“Decide and do.”

“People learn by example: they follow.”

“Integrity is key.”

“The worst promises you can break are the promises you make to yourself.”

More On Michael Oz Puhle:

Michael Puhle’s career path reads like a typical millennial, with the eternal battle of ‘following others opinions vs. finding his own way’ causing four career changes before the age of thirty. It was whilst being an admitted solicitor in NSW that Michael found his love and skill for advocacy, persuasion and emotive speech. Then tragedy struck his family in 2011 with a death and a suicide; and Michael was compelled to change tack.

“Life’s too short to follow a path we’re half hearted about. We should do what we love to do.”

Until this moment, Michael had been chasing a career based on two criteria, money and talent. He shifted focus and chased what fulfilled him; inspiring others to be more ambitious. Having always had entrepreneurial traits Michael (“Oz”) founded Words With Oz.

“… such a trauma causes one to view life from a fresh perspective. Here I was using my skills to help people that, perhaps, didn’t entirely deserve it. And I thought, instead of the pursuit of making myself monetarily rich, how can I use my abilities to make others’ lives better?”

Words With Oz believes the right words, delivered in the right way, by the right source can change your life; and it’s Oz’s mission to inspire the world. A pursuit that offers a range of executive coaching, from premium one on one packages to his online program – the Eight Week Life Hack; speaking services, including resilience, productivity and accountability seminars for corporate groups; as well as hosting his Words With Oz – The Essay Question Podcast.

Whether you are a Director of a global company, professional athlete or a stay at home mum, Michael assists all. His highly competitive and determined nature drives him to cause dramatic results for his clients. Whilst his disdain for popular culture’s mediocre approach to life pushes him to push us beyond our current potential. Above all though, it’s in loving what he does and his logical, simplistic approach that makes him a cut above the rest.

“I’m rewarded by all of it, whether it was inspiring a young underprivileged sportsman to chase their dream or leading a managing director through a 12-month project in 8 weeks, I love it all, that’s why I do it. “

Michael’s dream is to change the world, his mission is to inspire the globe to be more ambitious and as a result, more fulfilled.


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