Mauro Stara : Live Q&A on Health and Fitness

In this special episode of Championship Leadership, we had an interesting Live Q&A with Mauro Stara, a former banker and now a CEO of Starathletes-a network of high-performing, competitive and successful businessmen. For years, Mauro struggled with his health due to his stressful and mentally demanding work. Recognizing that fitness and nutrition are not enough, Mauro discovered a different approach to a whole new level of a healthy lifestyle that focuses both on physical and mental aspects. After revolutionizing the world of fitness industry, he went on and shared his top-notch and proven method to top-producing entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Mauro will answer some of the questions about health and will provide answers in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Tune in to this episode!!

In This Episode:

[0:54] What are some healthy options for snacks for Mauro Stara?

[19:03] His opinions on taking some of Glutad.

[30:27] How to balance stress and techniques that could possibly combine with working out.

[36:49] Tips on how to stay on track.

[45:36] Kinetic Method.

[50:18] Cardio Exercise.

Important Quotes:

“It is a lot easier to modify a habit than to break it.”

“Instead of breaking that habit, substitute the habit at first with something healthier.”

“It just takes time to get yourself to build new habits.”

“Don’t focus on more and more, and then you lose it. Focus on keeping those gains that you’ve made.”

“It is very hard to change a behavior that’s different from our identity.”

“You don’t want to lose the habit when you lose momentum. it’s five times harder to regain it.”

“You want to be proactive and not reactive.”

“You should never be unhappy with the results for the work that you didn’t put in.”

“Planning will not happen without commitment.” 

“Your lifestyle dictates your ability to get results and stay consistent.”

About The Guest:

As a former banker who burned out, had heart issues and was constantly exposed to a stressful, high pressure and fast-paced work environment – Mauro knows exactly how to help others overcome limitations… especially with mental and physical health challenges.
Over the last 4 years he has been helping dozens of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs transform their body and life.

Robert, who went from feeling low on energy, to feeling high levels of energy and peak performing, in just 12 weeks and with only 1 hour working out each week.
Miro, who went from feeling unfocused and exhausted, to productive and highly energized. As he now enjoys seeing his 6-pack in the mirror. And did this without having to train longer than an hour and a half each week.
Emilio, who in his words “10x my productivity” in his business after just three weeks, allowing him to enjoy more time and freedom with his family.
Mauro leads Starathletes, a fitness den for busy high performers where Mauro and his team are on a mission to revolutionize the way high performers manage their fitness and health.
In 2018 he realized that fitness and nutrition alone aren’t enough for high performers – so he went the extra mile and created a new revolutionary mentorship experience, where he combined mental and physical health aspects and took the industry to a whole new level, with his proven path to balancing both – a healthy business and healthy body.
As a result, he became known as the secret weapon for many of today’s top producing businessmen.
It is not within his nature to give up on himself or you. If you are lucky enough to work with him you’ll experience his special caliber of grit and heart for yourself.
Being known by his friends – and in the industry – as a committed coach, hardworking, and straight forward person, successful business people gravitate to his brand of training.
Mauro sees fitness and health as a catalyst to achieve unshakable confidence, discipline, energy, higher productivity and success in business, relationship and life.
When he’s not mentoring people and working on his business, he devotes his free time to his family, reading and traveling the world.





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