Matthew Q. Lesser: When Less is More

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we had an incredible conversation with Matthew Lesser, a dynamic Speaker, Strategic Leadership Consultant, Coach, and Best-Selling Author of Unsatisfied: When Less is More. After earning two degrees in business courses in college, Matthew eventually winds up working in their family business. But he soon discovered that their oil industry business was in trade debt, which made him spiral into clinical depression. Determined to end his life and sufferings, Matt’s mother then brought him to a successful local businessman for advice and to help them start over and grow the business. Ten years later, they decided to sell the business, and Matthew pursued private equity, where his passion for leadership was ignited.

After years of working in the private equity world, banking, and helping people build an executive team, Matthew decided to write his book, which mostly inspires from his experiences working with different business leaders.

Now, Matthew is aspiring to help every leader become more self-aware and grow through his consulting business Uniquely Normal.

You want to know more about Matthew Q. Lesser?

Tune in to this episode and find out about his journey!!

In This Episode:

[0:45] What does Championship Leadership mean to Matthew?

[1:57] Unsatisfied: When Less is More.

[5:35] Who is Matthew Q. Lesser, and what brought him to where he is today?

[14:00] Leaders that have influenced him.

[18:12] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[19:50] A turning point in his life.

[25:12] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“If you see potential in someone, and you’re in a position where you can share. Do it. Take some time, that little bit of time, and that little bit of investment.”

“Choose to live a flourishing life.”

“Live at the intersection or the collision of what you are passionate about.”

“Surround yourself with really wise people that will speak truth into your life.”

About The Guest:

Matt Lesser has trained leaders, teams, and boards of directors for over twenty years and on six continents. He is the founder and CEO of Uniquely Normal, LLC, facilitating leaders, leadership teams, and boards on their journey to improving organizational health and performance. He has served in various C-suite roles in private equity, banking, and commercial uniform industries. He also launched and operated several businesses in the Midwestern petroleum industry.

Lesser and his family live in northeastern Indiana. He enjoys traveling, biking, running, weight lifting, writing, public speaking, and reading.

For more information, contact Matt at or visit


UnSatisfied: When Less Is More



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