Matthew & Alesia Blackwood: Unlock Math

In this compelling podcast interview on the Championship Leadership podcast, Matthew and Alesia Blackwood, founders of Unlock Math, share their inspirational journey and the impact of their innovative math education program. Alesia’s passion for teaching math and the need for a curriculum focusing on understanding rather than memorization drove the inception of Unlock Math. The program’s unique features, including teaching videos with Alesia using a touchscreen board, set it apart, catering to a diverse range of students from special needs to gifted. The interview sheds light on the challenges the couple faced, such as exposure in the homeschooling market and the importance of a supportive team.

Listeners are encouraged to seize lessons on prompt dream pursuit, embracing challenges, and building a supportive community. Unlock Math stands out for its focus on helping students understand the logic behind math concepts. Whether homeschooling or seeking effective math solutions, Unlock Math aims to make a positive impact on students’ lives, one math concept at a time.

Listen to this episode for an in-depth exploration of Unlock Math’s inspiring journey on the Championship Leadership podcast.

In This Episode:

[3:23] What is Championship Leadership mean to Matthew & Alesia Blackwood?

[4:41] Who is Matthew & Alesia Blackwood, and what brought them to where they are today?

[16:30] Their vision, future plans, and the impact they want to make.

[21:41] Episode Takeaways.

About the Guest

The inception of Unlock Math dates back to the early years of Alicia and my marriage. Alicia, a high school math teacher at a local college prep school, played a pivotal role in sparking the idea. During visits to her calculus class, the captivating atmosphere she created left a lasting impression, prompting thoughts of bottling up her teaching approach for broader use.

Fast forward 11 years to 2013, and a significant crossroads in life prompted the consideration of turning this dream into reality. The transition from dream to concept involved thorough research, revealing a persistent need for high-quality math education. A passion for math, nurtured since childhood, steered aspirations toward a career in teaching.

Discussions with Matthew about the feasibility of the venture highlighted complementary skills. The focus shifted to curriculum development for me, while Matthew took charge of other aspects. Assembling a small team, we embarked on the creation of Unlock Math, marked by continuous refinement and evolution.

Participation in a Canadian incubator set the bar high, challenging us to surpass existing programs by being 10 times better. This impetus led to an elevation in production quality, lesson refinement, and stringent content standards. The vision extended beyond mere improvement, aiming to provide an educational experience that exceeded expectations and positioned Unlock Math uniquely in the realm of math programs.

Important Quotes:

“People always have to think of themselves as as leaders, but they can be leaders simply by taking a passion and doing what they love.”

“Helping hand in their lives just helps them learn something that may be a difficult subject.”

“Children is always been our main focus.”

“One thing we anticipated being a bigger struggle than has is finding the right people for our team. ”

“We’ve been very fortunate to always be able to find just the right person. ”

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