Lauren and Marc: BodyHZ Frequency Patch

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we had an incredible interview with Lauren and Marc LeFlere, Founders of Body Hz Patch, as they delve into their unique technology designed to help individuals manage pain, stress, and various health issues without relying on drugs or chemicals.

They discuss the challenges encountered during the rebranding of their company and emphasize their dedication to the product’s mission. The Body Hz Patch, a small, transparent patch, utilizes energetic codes of frequencies to assist in pain management and overall well-being. Lauren and Marc passionately express their commitment to providing an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals, particularly in the context of the opioid crisis and the side effects associated with many medications. Despite the challenges, they remain devoted to educating the public about their technology and promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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In This Episode:

[3:50] Who is Lauren and Marc LeFlere, and what brought them to where they are today?

[23:19] Their vision, future plans, and the impact they wants to make.

[32:57] Episode takeaways.

About the Guest

 Marc LeFlere

Marc is a self-driven entrepreneur specializing in injury and disease prevention. With nearly 25 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, he provides quality education and support for clients to maintain and create a purposeful, successful, and healthy lifestyle. Marc is a former collegiate soccer player and former professional kick-boxer. Earning a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness in 1998 from Florida Atlantic University, he specializes in injury prevention, biomechanics, pain management, nutrition, functional training, sport specific training, and weight loss.

Some of Marc’s most notable work includes working with collegiate athletes from (Notre Dame, Texas, LSU, FSU, UF, Rutgers), professional athletes of the NFL (Eagles, Giants, Vikings, Dolphins), MLB (Manny Ramirez, Mets, Tigers, Angels), NBA (NY, Dallas, Denver, Boston), PGA, Boxing (Former Heavyweight World Champ Shannon Briggs, Former Light Heavyweight World Champion O’Neil Bell), USA Swimming, and the USTA.

Together with his wife Lauren, they combined Marc’s expertise in physiology and biomechanics with Lauren’s expertise in Quantum and Integrative Medicine to develop their own health & wellness brand, “BodyHZ”. Offering tiny, transparent, non-transdermal patches to target Pain, Energy, Tissue Damage, Immunity, Weight Loss, Stress, Sleep, and more. These bio electric medical devices are programmed with specific frequencies to address a specific need, have zero side effects, and last for 3 days. The technology and therapy behind the patches, bioresonance and energy medicine, has been proven to heal ailments of the body by restoring the cells to their optimal frequency.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
–Nikola Tesla–

The BodyHZ bio electric medical patches provide a healthy, safe alternative to pharmaceuticals. Quick, effective relief with NO drugs, NO chemicals, and NO side effects!

Lauren LeFlere

Lauren began over 20 years ago as a meditation instructor, working in the non for-profit space. Wanting to further her desire to help the underdog and those without a voice, she achieved her credentials as a Certified Addiction Specialist and counselor. She worked in Miami within the hospitals, detox and rehabilitation centers, assisting recovery for drug, alcohol, food, sex and gambling addicts and mental health clients. After seeing a noticeable space for natural healing to further assist long term recovery, she gained education from the Quantum University in Oahu, Hi. She also received her title as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, which is her most valued and preferred method of mind- body healing today. Deepening her education and joining others world wide who are seeking to normalize Bio- Electric Medicine and being able to prove the connection between mind-body healing and science has been instrumental in creating BodyHz Frequency Patches. In 2019, she co-founded BodyHz. This product has been carefully designed to fill a need in society where the system has failed. She is dedicated to helping as many people as possible learn about and utilize alternative forms of medicine and continue to fight the opioid and mental health crisis in the United States, changing one life at a time.

Important Quotes:

“Try to help people as much as you can.”

“You should just keep an open mind.”

“You know your body is amazing.”

“We’re always here to help.”

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