Kyle Newell: The Panda Man Part 1

In this special episode of Championship Leadership, we have an incredible conversation with Kyle Newell, also known as “The Panda Man”, The Human Strength Expert. 
Kyle delves into his personal journey, from growing up in a competitive family to pursuing a passion for lifting and fitness, which eventually led him to start his own business, Newell Strength. He talks about his experiences with faith, building his personal brand on Instagram, and offers unique insights on events like Burning Man and Hawaii wildfires. Kyle also discusses his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and addresses broader spiritual and societal implications.
Know more about Kyle Newell!! Tune in to this episode!!

In This Episode:

[3:28] What does Championship Leadership mean to Kyle Newell?

[5:07] Who is Kyle Newell, and what brought him to where he is today?

About the Guest

I grew up in a competitive household with three brothers and parents who served as our role models for hard work and discipline. Our father was a talented athlete and coach, while our mother had a strong work ethic and high pain tolerance. I was inspired by my family’s influence and began pursuing excellence in sports.

In high school, I set a goal to become the best basketball player in town, working tirelessly on my skills and developing a strong work ethic. I also discovered a passion for weightlifting and decided to focus on bodybuilding, eventually gaining 30 pounds of muscle. Later, I returned to basketball and became a strong player despite my height.

In college, I studied under a renowned sports nutritionist and developed my theories on training and nutrition. I also competed in bodybuilding and achieved success. However, I faced a two-year stomach disease that led to a significant loss of muscle mass but eventually overcame it through a combination of mindset, nutrition, and training.

I emphasized the importance of the mind and spirit in my approach to training and coaching. I encountered various mentors throughout my life, including a successful bodybuilder named Tim Martin. These mentors played a significant role in my development as “The Human Strength Expert.”

I have overcome challenges, including a near bout with Crohn’s disease and a severe knee injury. I’ve been nominated as “Author of the Year” for a top fitness website and attribute my success to my focus, mentors, and training philosophy.

In the present day, I continue my quest to discover the “truth” behind human physical potential, accumulating knowledge from various sources. I run Newell Strength, recognized as a top fitness training facility, and remain dedicated to helping athletes and individuals achieve their full potential.


Important Quotes:

“Champions do things differently, leaders do things differently.”

“Life is a Game”

“I turned to God when I need answers, and I just kinda let him communicate with me.”

“I just open the Bible. I’m at peace. I know God. I don’t let like that negative talk get into my head.”

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