Krystalore Crews: Crews Beyond Limits

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we have an incredible conversation with Krystalore Crews, a former member of the United States Air Force – Air National Guard, a Leadership Coach, and Keynote Speaker. She shares her transformation from military service to entrepreneurship and her dedication to helping others achieve their goals.

Krystalore’s journey is a story of resilience and determination, as she overcame challenges like a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis and abusive relationships. She shares her commitment to empowering individuals, especially women, to prioritize their health and well-being. Through her online coaching business, she encourages people to dedicate 34 minutes a day to gratitude, intention setting, movement, and reflection, emphasizing the importance of self-care and personal growth. Krystalore’s story is an inspiring example of how a champion leader can use their experiences to uplift and motivate others to pursue their dreams and embrace a fulfilling life.

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In This Episode:

[3:53] What does Championship Leadership mean to Krystalore Crews?

[4:38] Who is Krystalore Crews, and what brought her to where she is today?

[19:34] Leaders that influenced her?

[25:26] Her vision she wants to make?

[28:11] Episode takeaways.

About the Guest

Hi, I’m Krystalore Crews, I was once just like you- stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed. I pushed myself so hard- that I had reached my breaking point, but…I ignored the signs that my body was telling me, and I found myself at the age of 22 in a wheelchair. Fast forward- 6 years ago- I found myself in the middle of a identity crisis, diagnosed with cancer and a life coach helped me change my life. I am here to pay it forward and help you achieve the life that you desire!!

With accountability, coaching, and a community, you’ll finally start seeing the results that you want!!

Feel your best again!!

Important Quotes:

“My mission is just to empower people to make sure that they put themselves first and go after their dreams and goals, and take care of themselves, so that they can pour into everyone else.”

“You have the opportunity to be able to inspire and impact others. And that was the biggest lesson. “

“You could just chat your dreams down each and everyday.”

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