Jose Flores: Keep Moving Forward

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast, Jose Flores of Mindset Disruptor talks about his leadership experiences, how he overcomes the struggles in life, changing your mindset, and so much more. Enjoy!

In This Episode:

[2:32] What does Championship Leadership mean to Jose?

[3:19] How did Jose get to where he is today?

[10:41] Where did Jose’s vision come from, and where is he going?

[13:55] Who does Jose look up to?

[23:04] What Jose can leave you with.

Important Quotes:

“In order for you to be a champion you got to be a good leader”

“You gotta lead by example”

“I got sick and tired of being sick and tired”

“My passion is to always encourage, inspire and motivate people”

“I’ve always been afraid to jump but I made a decision to jump afraid”

“Keep moving forward”

“You have to keep going”

“Don’t let your struggle become your standard”

About The Guest:

Jose Flores is an International Speaker, Motivator and Author. He Educates, Inspires and Motivates Individuals to Strengthen their Mental Toughness and to Develop into Indispensable Leaders by connecting with them, touching their hearts and giving them a fresh perspective. Jose gets people to think outside the box to start taking massive action and seeing immediate results. The present is a gift and the time is now for Jose to make an impact in your life! Jose authored “Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Standard” and he lives it. He wants you to stand tall and be the very best version you can be.


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