John Shirkey and Jamie Wagner – Eyes Up Mindset

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast John Shirkey and Jamie Wagner talk about their podcast: Eyes Up Mindset Podcast, understanding influence, living a life of joy and the importance of taking the first step.

In This Episode:

[3:12] What does championship leadership mean to them?
[5:49] Who are John Shirkey and Jamie Wagner and what brought them to where they are today?
[13:26] Leaders that have influenced them.
[17:17] Their vision, future plans and impact they want to make.
[21:32] Turning point.
[32:35] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

“There’s not another today.”

“Other people are more worried about what’s going on in their own head than anything you have going on.”

The Guests:

Jamie Wagner

Human beings are made for change. It might even be our greatest skill. I have used and developed this process as a collegiate athlete in both wrestling (Augustana College) and football (Bethel University), a college football coach (Crown College and Bethel University) and have coached at the high school level for almost fifteen years in football, wrestling, baseball and track. Recently it has produced huge results as a head track coach at Pequot Lakes where we have won 15 state championships in the past five years.


John Shirkey, LCSW, CMC

I’m passionate about inspiring individuals and teams to do things they never thought possible by focusing on the mental skills needed to achieve optimal performance. I’m a former collegiate athlete, Head Coach at the high school and junior high levels, trained therapist, Certified Mental Coach, and can relate to and understand the various demands and stressors in the lives of individuals. In addition, I have experience working with elite athletes, teams, schools, and organizations on mental skills training and performance improvement.







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