John Hopper: Being A Championship Leader And Employer

  • Championship leadership = accountability and responsibility.
  • The star quarterback is not going to press responsibility for a loss on someone else.
  • Championship leaders ALWAYS take accountability and responsibility.
  • Realize and recognize that it all falls on you, as the leader.
  • If you have to tell everyone you’re a leader, you’re probably not.
  • You could become a victim of what happened to you in the past, or you could move past it.
  • Many employers think that their way is the right way.
  • You can’t take information and smash it into an employee and force them to do certain things they don’t engage with.
  • People need to understand the why.
  • The most important thing in any business is the people.
  • Without sales and revenue, you can’t pay employees or keep the business running.
  • Following up is more important than basic customer service.
  • Knowing whether or not your employees are good people is vital in your business.
  • You will always have money if you come from the right place.

Important Quotes:

“Accountability and responsibility is championship leadership.”

“If you see it being done easily, it is probably not being done the best possible way.”

“There is another way.”

“They’re humans, not robots.”

“You have to have people to service the customer.”

“Do a little bit more today than you did yesterday.”

“People are not always motivated by money.”

“Give first, and you will get back.”

More On John Hopper:

Jonathan has been in the small business lending for the past 12 years. He’s worked in underwriting, business development, direct sales and more. He’s made a course that allows others to get into small business lending to break away from their 9-5 and ultimately be their own boss called Capital Gains. Jonathan currently owns the small business lending marketplace Sprout Lending where he invites top students in Capital Gains to join his team and help small business owners improve their business.

John Hopper created the system The Greatest on the Planet to change the lives of millions of people. 2 years ago he turned his proven system into an effective workbook that changes the dynamic between employees and their employers.

For over 200 years the basic dynamic between employer and employee has not changed. Way back in the 1700’s when someone was hired to come work on the farm is was “do as I tell you and I’ll pay you for it”. That is the same basis we’re working on still today and it no longer works.

John has a system to get the employees to focus on what really matters and makes it easy for the employer to see if the employee is doing what really matters. The outcomes are fairly simple, 1. The employee needs help, 2. The employee needs to be fired or 3. You have The Greatest Employee on the Planet and you should bend over backwards to make sure their needs are being met because they are focused on and delivering what really matters to the employer. The 3rd being John’s ultimate goal.

John understands that not all industries run the same so each industry they work with has a custom tailored version of John’s system. In addition to being a motivating speaker, John is highly sought after for his expertise on “the 6 key points to having irreplaceable employees”, limiting beliefs, money, and human behavior.


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