Jimmy Dowds: Kindness in the Moment of Greatest Need


In this special 300th episode of Championship Leadership, we are delighted to have with us a Great Friend and my Mentor Jimmy Dowds, who is also a Founding Pastor of Vine Church. In this interview, Jimmy will talk about what led him to be a Pastor, a fun story of how he found his wife of 50 years, and the experience of being put in an orphanage by his own mother. He will also dive into the significance of the number 300 in the Bible.

Jimmy Dowds will also tell miraculous stories and inspiring moments of converting thousands of mafia prisoners to accept Jesus in their life. These and more!!!

Do not miss this incredible episode!!

In This Episode:

[3:56] What does Championship Leadership mean to Jimmy?
[9:26] Who is Jimmy Dowds and what brought him to where he is today?
[14:35] The significance of the number 300 in the Bible.
[19:52] How did he end up in the most dangerous prison in Argentina?
[20:40] A turning point inside of his life.
[46:19] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.
[49:51] Episode takeaways.

Important Quotes:

 “Championship Leadership is all about fun, encouragement, targeting the kid inside of you and kind bond.”

“Our blueprint for life is pretty much fixed by the time we get to seven years of age.”

“They may forget every other thing, but they will never forget the moment that you bond them with an act of kindness in the moment of the greatest need.”

“The root of stress is nothing external, but it’s an inner question.”

“If God’s on your side, you can go into the battle full of confidence, full of faith and win the battle.”

“We do not ask enough (to God) and we do not imagine enough.”

“God doesn’t want some kind of structure, he just wants a relationship.”

“Never let yourself the luxury of a single self-doubt or negative thought.”

“Do what nobody else is doing, go where nobody else is going and get results.”

“If you ever wake up in the morning and you’re not in the middle of a fight, pick one.”

“Stop, don’t wait to beat you up by disappointments beyond discouragement then defy the fight that was picked on you when you are asleep.”

About The Guest:

Jimmy Dowds is a Scottish international speaker, coach, mentor, and transformation igniter.

Having worked with audiences up to 25.000 at a time for 40 plus years.

Jimmy brings to the table principles that have been tried, tested, and produced astounding results.

Jimmy has a passion to see radical improvements and transformation in all 7 of the cultural influences in every nation.

Education, government, business, faith, media, arts/sports, and family.

He lives in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland and married to Elma with 3 children who are all leaders in their own sphere.





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