Jim Konkler: Elevate Your Game with Swivel Vision

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we’re excited to welcome Jim Konkler, the founder of Swivel Vision—a groundbreaking vision training product. As a former high school football coach, Jim shares the inspiration behind Swivel Vision, addressing common sports mechanics mistakes. The product, which uses goggles to restrict peripheral vision, has gained recognition from notable athletes and teams.

Discover how Swivel Vision aims to revolutionize training across various sports, and consider integrating it into your routine for a potential game-changing experience.

In This Episode:

[3:45] What is Championship Leadership mean to Jim Konkler?

[14:33] When did this idea and this come about and and turn into what it is today?

[18:10] What would have been some of the challenges that he experienced and how did he handled or navigated it?

[20:33] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

[23:03] Episode Takeaways.

About the Guest

As a High School Football Coach in Norco, California, I kept noticing the same problem.  Players having difficulty identifying their keys and reads.  It happened at every position.  They weren’t dialed in.  Distractions were everywhere.  Something was needed to restrict players vision and force their focus.

A solution was taking shape in my mind and a drawing soon followed. Next came a Provisional Patent.  I needed a teammate and so my lifelong friend Joe Valenti joined me.  We went to a sporting goods store and got ski Goggles along with rubber base and duct tape from a hardware store.  Then it was off to work, taking out the lens, cutting out the rubber base, and taping it to the sides of the ski goggle to block the peripheral.  It did the job!  Our Utility Patent was issued!

We found a lab to make a prototype and manufactured a small amount for youth & adults.  Then it was off to sports conventions & tournaments where our Goggle was extremely well received.  Nevertheless, it needed to fit better under a helmet and be sleeker in general.  Back to the drawing board, and the lab making what is the current one-size-fits-all comfortable design, which I’m proud to say is made in the USA.  My son Ryan joined us in marketing our new product and a business was born, which has grown to where professional athletes, as well as youth and adults, train with Swivel Vision in a variety of sports.

As a former Coach, I love helping athletes see success!

Important Quotes:

“You have to be with everything you do.”

“You can possibly have the more difficult to practice, the easier it is in the game.”

“With the right people, good things will happen.”

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