Jerremy Newsome: Live a Life of Abundance

In this episode of Championship Leadership, we had a fun and engaging conversation with Jerremy Newsome, CEO of Real Life Trading, sought-after Public Speaker, and Author of Amazon’s No.1 Best Seller Money Grow on Trees and the Naked Trader. After escaping a life isolated from the community, Jerremy went on and established himself in a world of stocks and became a liquid millionaire in his twenties. But fate had a different plan for him; he suffered failures along his journey and lost his asset from different circumstances. Nevertheless, setbacks were not enough to hold him back, he proceeded to bounce back and is now one of the most highly received and prevailing global minds on Stock Market Education.

Now, Jerremy Newsome is on a mission to provide education to current and future world leaders on how to trade the stock market profitably in order to become a force for good in the community. These and more!

Watch this episode and learn more about Jerremy Newsome!!

In This Episode:

[6:36] Who is Jerremy Newsome, and what brought him to where he is today?

[19:20] Leaders that have influenced him.

[24:10] A turning point in his life.

[30:37] His vision, future plans, and the impact he wants to make.

Important Quotes:

“No one ever wants to do that first step. The first step is the hardest.”

“Your beliefs literally will shape your world.”

“If you want to accomplish something you’ve never had before. You have to do

things you’ve never done.”

“Individuals, especially most men, will never truly accomplish something that they did not think they could because they’re afraid of failure. They’re afraid of even trying.”

“The way to heal a man is, you have to crush their spirit. First you have to break, you have to break them, and once they’re broken, then you rebuild them.”

“Vulnerability is a great aspect of leadership, because no one wants to be ruled by or led by someone who’s perfect and has no flaws, because we realize that’s not the truth.”

“Presence is the best present. So if you want to give something to someone, let it be that.”

“We are always one decision away from a completely different life.”

“Proximity is power. The person that you spend your time with is who you become.”

About The Guest:

My mission, my calling in life is to enrich lives with mentally liberating education. That is why you are here. You are in the search of a fun, new and thrilling awakening regarding your finances, your lifestyle, and the abundance and freedom we all seek in life.

Freedom is my paradise! I help my clients make the proper tweaks in their mindset, their heartset and their bank account to receive all they cherish!
I help you elevate your mind so that you can impact the people, the causes and the communities that you have always yearned to help.

My focus since 2010 has been guiding humans through an emotional journey with their money, careers, and relationships to ensure radical life changes!

I am a professional button presser. At some point, certain buttons need to be physically pressed to create massive alterations. I help numerous clients understand and demystify their finances, health, lifestyle, and our most valuable asset, TIME!

You deserve to live a life of abundance!


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