Jenny Taylor: Grow From The Lessons In Your Life

  • A championship leader is someone with a high level of integrity, and someone who is always available to help.
  • When you begin to pursue your passions, there will be people who say it’s not worth it or that it’s a bad idea. So what?
  • Coaches, therapists, and other important leaders and mentors in your life are the key to a happier, more controlled life.
  • There is a need in everyone’s life for a positive influence.
  • The more that people tell you no, the more you need to push for it.
  • As a leader, there has to be a line that you can’t cross in terms of friendship, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create strong bonds with those your lead.
  • To be a championship leader, you have to have vision.
  • Enjoying the here and now is difficult for many successful people.
  • If you want to start a brand new business, make sure you have enough money to live off of for the first two years.
  • At the beginning, put the money back into your business.

Important Quotes:

“This is your time.”

“If I can do it, you can do it.”

“Be surrounded by like-minded people.”

“You never know until you try.”

“I would never be where I’m at without my amazing team.”

“Enjoy the here and now.”

“Start small, and build on that.”

More On Jenny Taylor:

Jenny Taylor is most well known for Founding, Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography, the USA Premier Boudoir & Glam Photography Studio. Jenny personally owns all of the Private, Luxury and Safe Studio’s that are located in Chicago, IL + Nashville, TN + Laguna Beach, CA.

With almost a decade of business, servicing over 3300+ clients, they pride themselves on “Transforming the Everyday Woman into a Bombshell.” Over the Years they have worked with real women between the ages of 21-85 years old with all body shapes and sizes and some popular reality stars too!

Jenny found herself in a Living Hell, trapped in a very negative situation in her personal life back in 2015 and knew that she needed a huge change in the way she lived her life. She decided to do as much personal development as possible enlisting a therapist (completing 200+ hours), studying every blog and book as well as creating a Facebook group called “Feel The Positive” which is a community of like minded people on a mission to “Live Their Best Life” (which has almost 20K members.)

Jenny has created a Unique Women’s only retreat that has taken place all of the United Stated including Laguna Beach, Chicago and Nashville called “The Sparkle Retreat”.

Jenny’s personal mission is to Transform the way people view themselves from the inside out by showing them that they are Worthy to Live the Best Life Possible. Her experiences have positioned her as an expert in Business, Sales & Marketing, Boudoir Photography, Empowering Yourself to Fully Enjoy Life and Designing the Life of Your Dreams.


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